N.Y. Giants’ Jason Pierre Paul wants to make a Statement this season

New York Giants’ defensive end Jason Pierre Paul is aggravated about the negative criticism that has been aimed at him and the Giants’ defense since last year. The Giants last year stunk up their city as they had a 7-9 record and had a curse of injuries that plagued them from returning to the post season. After the Giants’ season was over Jason Pierre Paul had challenge himself that this season the defense and himself would step up to the plate and be a contender.

“I’ve got something to prove this year, and I want to shut them up,” Pierre-Paul said Wednesday, per The New York Times. “A lot of people are doubting me. I know what people have been saying, but it’s okay I’ll get them back this year.” Paul is taking these negative shots personally and wants nothing more to go out on the field and show that he is still one of the top defensive ends in the NFL.

Last June Paul had surgery on his back and wasn’t the same person that we saw on the field in 2012. “I couldn’t explode off the line, and I couldn’t get around the edge,” Paul said. “I lost all that, but I’ve got all that back now. I am ready to go out there and perform at a 100%. I want to get to the quarterback and stop the run. I want to show a lot of people what I can still do.”

When asked about his back and how it will affects him this season Paul had responded “I still feel a little something,” he said, but at the end of the day it’s nothing that is going to bother me while I’m playing. Now I am ready to fly at the ball and quarterbacks.

For the G-Men to have a successful season both the offense and defense have to step it up and fight like the soldiers that they are.


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